There is a better way to do marketing.

The most effective marketing is not marketing. It’s brand marketing. Yet most businesses and organizations don’t do brand marketing. They do “ordinary” marketing. Which produces ordinary results.

Brand marketing is a different way — a better way — for businesses and organizations of all kinds and sizes to perform better, grow faster, and take advantage of other impressive results.

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Let's be honest: Marketing is pretty darn frustrating.

Results are inconsistent, there are endless amounts of channels and platforms, advertising can become expensive real fast, and algorithms are impossible to figure out. We know. We get it.

But there is a different way — a better way — for businesses and organizations of all kinds and sizes to do marketing that produces remarkable outcomes, both in the short-term and long-term.

It’s called brand marketing.

And it takes the guess work out of growing your business or organization, so you can spend your branding and marketing dollars better, make them go farther, and ultimately reach the pinnacle for any business or organization: the growth flywheel.

In other words, brand marketing will position your business or organization to attract more new customers while increasing your pricing power, which drives more sales and revenues, which can then be reinvested to attract more new customers while continuously increasing prices, and the flywheel gets exponentially stronger.

Welcome to marketing, as it should be.

Brand marketing is so much more than just getting your logo out there.

Every business and organization does some version of marketing and branding, but few do brand marketing.

Branding is a battle of perceived value, and marketing a battle of attention.

Together, brand marketing is the process of increasing the perceived value of your product or service, thus giving you stronger pricing power, greater customer lifetime value, and a distinctive edge over competitors.

In other words, brand marketing is marketing that actually works.

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Turn your business or organization into a game-changing brand.

Instead of focusing on your products and services (commodities), brand marketing focuses on your business or organization’s “category” (an asset) to generate — for example — more sales and repeat customers, greater pricing power, and higher customer lifetime value.

Through creative storytelling, eye-catching visuals, and compelling messaging, brand marketing done right is a difference-maker for many businesses and organizations.

In simple terms, the results look something like this:

The Challenges for Most Businesses and Organizations

Building and growing a successful business or organization is tough. Thankfully, there are three main reasons why brand marketing can uniquely sustain and grow your business or organization.

regular marketing

Marketing is becoming more and more expensive.

The internet used to be a cheap form of marketing, until every business and organization started using it accordingly. Now, both online and offline marketing are increasingly expensive. Brand marketing reduces costs such as customer cost-per-acquisition and churn — making it less costly than any other type of marketing.


Customers have an increasingly high barometer for trust.

Starting a business or organization has never been easier, which means there is more competition in every market now more than ever. Hence why customers are overwhelmed and their BS radar is at an all-time high. Brand marketing is the fastest, most sustainable way to develop and maintain trust with customers, ultimately leading to more sales, revenues, and other valuable metrics.


Customer loyalty is at an all-time low.

The way to a customer’s heart is to offer them something unique (or the feeling that they are buying something unique). Brand marketing is the easiest and fastest way to do so — empowering your business or organization to stand out from the competition, retain a higher percentage of customers, and dominate your category over an extended period of time.

Brand Marketing

Regular Marketing

Results aren't everything. They are the only thing.

More than 35 percent of businesses and organizations worldwide plan to increase their investment in brand marketing this year. You should be one of them.

Source: HubSpot


Better Performance

Whether you are looking to increase revenues, sales, prices, or donations, brand marketing will position your business or organization to perform much higher across your most important KPIs.


Greater Growth

As they say, you either are in the green and growing or in the red and rotting. Brand marketing supercharges growth, such as greater market share, pricing power, and customer lifetime value, as well as lesser cost-per-acquisition and churn.


More Opportunities

Brand marketing enables businesses and organizations to more seamlessly pivot, add more products and services, develop beneficial partnerships, raise venture capital, and hire better employees, among many other examples.

Some of Our Clients

Who is brand marketing for?

Understandably, the “brand” in brand marketing scares off a lot of businesses and organizations. They think that brand marketing is only for the Coca-Cola’s and Tesla’s of the world. Turns out, brand marketing is for businesses and organizations of all kinds and sizes. Here’s why.



Ultimately every business, organization, and personal brand is an interaction between two or more humans who are driven by feelings, emotional appeal, persuasion, and psychology.

Emotionally Driven Results

Creativity Wins

Having a big branding and marketing budget can help, but it is neither the holy grail nor a prerequisite to do brand marketing. Nowadays, creativity is the main driver of brand marketing success.

Competitive Advantage

Digital Media

Once upon a time, branding and marketing were relegated to the biggest businesses and organizations because the barriers of entry were very high. But with the advent and evolution of the internet (digital media), the barriers are increasingly minimal.

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What is the Brand Marketing Institute?

Established in 2012, the Brand Marketing Institute is a global firm specializing in, you guessed it, brand marketing.

We are a group of experts at combining consumer psychology, design thinking, brand development, converged media marketing, and customer experience to make your business, organization, or personal brand stand out, step up, and prosper.

We collaborate with visionary leaders and teams committed to driving growth, expansion, and market share — while maximizing customer excitement, loyalty, and advocacy.

In our view: The best brands win. This is why our clients want us on their team.

We wrote the book on brand marketing.

Brand Marketing Institute founder Joshua Hoffman explains why brand marketing is the most effective type of marketing, and how businesses and organizations of all kinds and sizes can take advantage of it to deliver remarkable results.

“Marketing That Actually Works” will be available on Amazon in May 2024.

You can also listen to our podcast, under the same name, which features excerpts from the book.


Brand Marketing SuperBoost

best for small and midsize businesses and organizations

After more than 10 years of working with marquee brands around the world, we have made our signature, comprehensive brand marketing frameworks accessible to businesses and organizations that want to make an outsized impact on their most meaningful goals.

Brand Marketing School

best for midsize businesses, organizations, and personal brands

We work with businesses, organizations, and individuals one-on-one to help them drive growth, expansion, and market share — while maximizing customer loyalty and advocacy, and minimizing marketing costs.

Client Services

best for enterprise-level businesses and organizations, and public figures

We work with a select group of clients to develop and manage their brand marketing strategies that deliver outstanding results.

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Meet the Family

Established in 2012, the Brand Marketing Institute is a group of experts who combine consumer psychology, design thinking, brand development, converged media marketing, and customer experience to make your business, organization, or personal brand stand out, step up, and prosper.

The Institute is led by Joshua Hoffman, a 35-year-old brand marketing strategist born and raised in Los Angeles, where we are headquartered. We also have offices in Tel Aviv and Bangkok.

Joshua is the author of “Marketing That Actually Works” — which will be available on Amazon beginning in May 2024.

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